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  Pool Court B (Far side) 
Balls N Dolls 5-0
Praise the Lloyd 4-1
 3)2 Pinks 2 Dinks3-2
 4)Diggin Deep 2-3
 5)That's What She Set 2-3
 6)Busta Spike2-3
 7)Just the Tip 2-3
 8)I'm Sorry Wilson! 0-5

  Pool Court A (closest to bar) 
 1)New Hits on the Block5-0
 2)Bump N Grind4-1
 3)Romo Spike4-1
 4)Vertically Challenged1-4
 6)Servers & Hardware1-4
 7)Shockers Set0-5
 8)Court Mandated0-5
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