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Volleyball Rules & Regulations


· You will either be placed in a team or be with the team mates you signed up with.

· Teams will consist of 6 players maximum on the court.

· At least TWO girls are required to be on the court to play with 6. If you only have 1 girl on the court, you are required to play with 5.

· The games will be 6 versus 6 Co-Ed.

·  At least 3 players (1 girl min) from your roster have to play to be able to play with 6. If all the girls from your roster are missing, you will have to play with 5 with a min of 1 girl on the court.

-  You may get subs, if your team signed up with 6, 7, 8. There may not be anymore people (including subs) playing that night than number of people signed up. If you’re an individual and placed in a team, same rule applies.

· All team members should wear their league t-shirts.

· First match is considered a loss after 10 minutes late and then the game becomes a forfeit after 15 mins.


· Scoring is based on rally scoring; a team gets a point if the ball crosses over the net and hits within bounds on the opposite side.

· A team that returns a ball can only hit the ball at most 3 times before it needs to cross over the net and it cannot be hit by the same player twice in a row unless blocked first.

· If the ball hits the line, it’s considered in. This is determined by the referee.

· A point and the ball will be given to the opposing team if a person touches the net obviously while going for a block or a swing.

· The first 2 games will be played to 21 points and must be won by 2 points. Maximum cap of 25.

· The 3rd game will be played to 15 points and must be won by 2 points. Maximum cap of 19.

· Players will rock-paper-scissors the 3rd game to decide serve/side and switch sides when a team gets 8.

· A team win will be based on 2 wins out of 3 rounds.

· A legal hit is a single contact with any part of the body.

· You may hit the ball off the net as long as it doesn’t hit the ground first.

· Open palms push are allowed. In other words, a player has to hit and follow through, otherwise only knuckle and close fingers are allowed. You cannot redirect the ball with open hands on a push.


· Rotation is necessary for every serve. You may not stay in the same position except when serving, unless you rotate after the ball is in play.

· Teams do not rotate after their first serve of a match.

· A team member that rotates into the match must rotate in on the serving position. Remember, a girl needs to be on the court at all times.


· Only one service attempt is allowed.

· Service can be underhand or overhand and jump serves (both feet off the ground) are not allowed.

· The player can’t cross the line before the serve has been made.

· Serving continues until a point by the opposite team is scored.

· A ball that tips and crosses the net is considered in play.

· The team who serves first will be determined by the captains playing best out of 3 rock-paper-scissors.


· You are not allowed to touch the net after blocking or spiking.

· A block does not count as a hit, the blocker is allowed to touch the ball again.

· If the net hits the player because of ball hitting the net, it will not be called.

· You may not reach over the net and block/tip a ball still on the opposite side unless there’s an actual attempt of hitting the ball over from the opposing side.

· If a ball hits the net outside of the pole, the play is over.

· A player cannot block a setter who is clearly attempting to set to their own team mate.


· You are allowed a single timeout per game for no longer than 2 minute.


· An illegal hit involves carrying, throwing, or scooping the ball up with open palms.

· It is not allowed to block a serve. If a person in the front row jumps and blocks the ball immediately after the serve, it will be a block serve violation.

· You may block or spike from any position on the court since you aren’t required to rotate.

· All violations will be determined by the referee and all decisions by the referee are final.

· Players must be respectful and show sportsmanship. Arguing with the referee or insulting players will result in penalty and player suspension. This is a social league, have fun and be courteous!

· Austin Crew of Everything Social reserves the right to send home any player without refund if he or she causes any problems with the league, players, or facility.

- There are no ghost points, so if you have 5 players you will not be penalized for having less players.


· Every team will be assigned to ref 3-5 games for the entire regular season. You may split up matches between team members.

· Refs will mostly call the in/out, start of the serve, and change the scores. Feel free having other teammates hanging out with you while reffing!

· Obvious scoops should be called by refs, meaning carrying the ball or snapping wrist when hitting up.

· Any hit that looks like a throw should also be called and players going under the net and interfering with opposing players will be called.

· Absolutely no net touch.

· This is a competitive but still fun league, have a great time and meet other volleyball fans!


· The schedule for the entire season and reffing assignment will be posted after the first week.

· The season will be 6 weeks long (6 games total per team) and playoffs will be after.

· Playoffs will vary between seasons, normally will consist of 4-8 teams.

· You may have few bye-weeks and double-headers.

· An email will be sent-out in the afternoon of game night if weather doesn’t permit playing that day.

· Please come in on time, there needs to be at least 3 players (with 1 girl min) from the roster.
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